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Rudy Gobert Accuses NBA Referees of Rigging Games

Gary McLellan
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Pivot player for Minnesota Timberwolves thinks that the NBA has asked officials to rig games to benefit the Golden State, Sacramento and the Phoenix.

Rudy Gobert, the Timberwolves center pivot player has come out with strong allegations stating firmly that he believes the NBA is helping the opponent defeat his team in games with his emphasis on the Golden State Warriors, The Sacramento Kings and The Phoenix Suns.

After the Minnesota Timberwolves lost to the Phoenix Suns, a game where free throws awarded posed an issue, Rudy began making his claims.

The Suns saw 27 of their attempts go over the line in a game where they boated a 107-100 win while Minnesota got 12 over the line. An even more painful pill to swallow is that Devin Booker singlehandedly scored 15 points.

“It’s not fair, it’s really not fair,” Gobert repeated after the game. “Every night, I have been in this league for 10 years and I always try to give the benefit of the doubt but it is hard for me to think that they are not trying to help them win tonight.

Social media is up in arms debating if Rudy’s claims have any merit. Odds on California sportsbooks have even been affected after the accusations were made.

It is very hard for me to think that they didn’t try to have the Warriors win the other night or the Sacramento Kings on the other night” he added. He went on to say “As a basketball player it is really obvious. I have been in this league for so long and it is disrespectful”.

The players’ annoyance may not be coming from only the games he spoke about after the game. Minnesota has the fifth-worst free throw differential in the league, a statistic that no team would be proud to carry around. Irrespective of this, the teams that he has mentioned have raised a few eyebrows.

If the claims of Rudy Gobert are true and the NBA is assisting the Warriors and Suns teams to win games then the NBA in California and Arizona will be held accountable.

The Wolves had more free throws than the Dubs in their game on Sunday. Both the Golden State and The Phoenix Suns have been ranked 30th and 29th in free throw differentials so far this season is also not on the players’ side as regards the complaints he’s made so far.

Warriors have had their opponents shoot 402 more free throws than they have and the Suns have seen their opponents shoot free throws 317 more times. However, if the context of their playing styles is being taken into consideration then pointing out that the Warriors shoot more threes than any team in the league makes the whole point more valid.

Suns are also among the top teams in the league when it comes to taking shots around the 10th to the 19th feet and is last in shots around the rim. Rudy Gobert’s point makes a lot more sense regarding the Kings when you look at their point accumulation tally but just for this season.

Gary McLellan
Gary McLellan

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